Symptoms of Anxiety and Solutions

A stressed body and mind usually use anxiety symptoms to alert you to the difficulty. In it essentially reaching out you by exhibiting symptoms with the hope that you will recognize this and take actions that will alleviate the difficulty. The following are some of the most frequent anxiety symptoms and how to deal with them.

Panic attacks

Anxiety or panic attacks are the body’s response to increased pressure and stress. Your body goes into a flight mode whereby adrenaline is released as well as other stress chemicals in response to the issues or situations. The heart rate increases during these attacks giving you the energy to take flight. You may feel lightheaded, dizzy and your feet may be shaky. This is as a result of adrenaline release allowing you more energy to fight.panicattack

The solution to this is to slow down then breathe during the attacks. Most people over-breathe or hold their breath when frightened. Walk it off, and your body will absorb adrenaline in a few minutes. Let go of fearful perceptions and remind yourself that it is only temporary.


Racing heart subconsciously or consciously in response to fear is referred to as palpitations. You often react to events which happened earlier in the day. Although upsetting, racing heart normally slows down. It is naturally assumed that this is anxiety related.

The solution to this is to relax as much as you can and be aware of the inner narrative. Fearful thinking usually fuels this anxiety symptom so try to settle down and focus on something soothing.


Feeling dizzy or lightheaded is another reaction to anxiety and stress. You get to hold your breath or breathe without knowing. Neck muscles tighten as a response to stress as well as muscles of the ears and eyes. This and stressful thinking can lead to dizziness or blurred vision. It naturally helps to rule out the inner ear difficulties that may create the symptoms.

You alleviate this by stopping and taking a full breath, hold it then count to 4 before slowly exhaling. This re-stablishes the carbon dioxide/oxygen balance and eliminate your dizzy sensation. Also acknowledge the feelings without adding negativity, worry, and fear.


insomniaHighly stressed bodies and minds are not usually conducive to good sleep. You carry stress throughout the day and into the night within the overactive body and mind. It becomes difficult to turn off your mind and relax your body which has been stressed for hours. It is frustrating and adds to your anxious reactions if you are upset over the inability to fall and remain asleep.

Its solution is engaging in outdoor activities early in the day so that when evening comes, you are overstimulated.…