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Signs of Testosterone Deficiency

Testosterone is largely known as the male sex hormone as it is responsible for the development of male characteristics. However, it is still present in females, albeit in small amounts. It is known that the amount of testosterone produced in the body gradually increases in males right from birth, peaking during puberty and the youthful years.

However, as one gets older, the amount of this hormone in the body gradually starts declining. The rate of decline is largely influenced by personal attributes such as age and health. Older males, especially those in their 40s, are bound to start experiencing the effects of low testosterone levels.gender signs

What are the distinct signs of low testosterone levels? It would be best if you answered this question before you start shopping for testosterone boosting supplements at https://www.westword.com/storyhub/best-testosterone-boosters-for-males-over-40. That said, here is a rundown of the consequences that come with declining testosterone levels as a man gets older.

Difficulty in Having and Sustaining Erections

Low testosterone levels are often blamed for declining sexual performance. When the amounts of testosterone in the bloodstream are low, the penile tissues cannot produce sufficient amounts of nitric acid, which is critical in inducing erections in the body. Very low amounts of this hormone can make it impossible to have an erection.

Reduced Volume of Semen

Semen is the fluid that carries sperms when a male ejaculates. Young men tend to produce a significant volume of this fluid, thanks to high testosterone levels. However, a decline in semen volume can be blamed on reduced testosterone levels. It is also worth noting that low testosterone levels can also lead to fertility issues.

Premature Hair Loss

bald manHair loss is usually a natural part of aging. However, there are instances when these losses kick in at a very young age. That, in itself, can be a sign of low testosterone levels. While genetics have a role to play in most cases of premature hair loss, there are instances, in both men and women, that can be blamed on testosterone deficiency.

Reduced Muscle Mass

Testosterone has a role to play in muscle development. High testosterone levels in the system explain why young men have an easy time gaining some mass after a few sessions in the gym. On the other side, a decline in testosterone levels could lead to reduced muscle mass. Notably, the lack of activity, strength training, in particular, can also lead to testosterone declines, thus contributing to muscle loss.