Ways to Relieve Spring Allergy Symptoms in Kids

Before you start treating spring allergy, you should visit a podiatrist to check whether it is the allergy causing your child’s discomfort or if there is a reason for the symptoms. There is no effective cure for these spring allergies, but there are ways that will make your little ones find relief.

Use humidifiers

You kid may breathe easily if the air in the room has a little moisture. If you live an area that has a dry climate, then you may consider buying a humidifier ad this will help to moisten the air to a little to allow you child breathe well.dehumidifier

Keep them indoors

Staying inside the house is an excellent way to avoid contact with allergens. When there is high pollen count in the air, try keeping the kids indoors. The pollen count is normally highest when there is wind in the early evening or mid-morning.

Salt water treatment

Nasal congestion is one of the symptoms of spring allergy that is painful and seasonal. To relieve congestion, you can try nasal irritation using salt water. You can buy saline water from the chemist or make it yourself by mixing salt with water.

Give your child plenty water

Continuous blowing and sneezing will possibly leave your child feeling parched. Keeping a sipper jar handy for the kid to properly get hydrated can help to curb this allergy symptom.

Steam therapy

Giving the little ones some tub time is okay if the water is in the tub is steaming hot. The steam from this water will help to alleviate the symptoms of allergy. However, you need to ensure that the water in the tub is not scalding hot.

Use cold compress

If you kid is bothered by itchy eyes symptoms then applying cold compress on the face and eyes is a good idea. Cold compresses are effective in dealing with itchiness as well soreness and hence will help relieve these symptoms in your child.

Hot drinks

hotdrinkTaking a lot of fluids can help to keep these allergy symptoms in check. Lemon honey, ginger tea is refreshing and also relieves congestion in your child. It is also effective in dealing with cold throat in kids during winter.

Most children are usually prone to allergy symptoms. These are some of the simple ways that will help you curb these symptoms. Try them out next time your child has any of these allergies.